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In the heart of the Wild West, passion for wildlife is what drives every adventure. Inspired by her childhood in the quiet village of Nazaré, Portugal, Patrícia de Ferreira Malhão founded this project for those looking for genuine experiences in nature. Here, every moment is an opportunity to reconnect with nature and explore less-visited places.

In the Wild West, not only do we discover what surrounds us, but we become an integral part of it - the perfect combination for creating unforgettable memories through photography. So come on an adventure and discover the authenticity that only wild nature can offer.


Born and raised on Nazaré beach, Patrícia de Ferreira Malhão decided to go to study in Porto where in 2012 she obtained a Master's degree in Architecture from the University of Porto.

After completing her master's degree, she moved to Chongqing, China, where together with a team, she developed a masterplan for a village on the border with Vietnam. After this adventure, she moved to Kazakhstan where for a year she worked in the areas of Architecture and Design for Expo 2017.


Returning to Portugal in 2018, she decided to take a trip between Portugal and Spain in search of waves, which led her to work as a photographer and graphic designer for surfboard brands.

Currently, she works with travel and nature photography and is an Official Geoguide of the UNESCO World Geoparks in Portugal.


What she is passionate about is being abroad, traveling, venturing into sports, creating and exploring new places whenever she can, and this is visible through her work and photographs.


Grogu is our little big Suzuki Samurai, famous for going to places where others don't venture, these jeeps never disappoint.

This will be our great partner on all tours, with 4x4 and all the necessary equipment to make this adventure epic, with all the comfort that an off-road vehicle can give us.

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